2016 Tone Report Weekly Fantasy Pedalboard Draft

Okay, look—even I’ll admit that Eric’s pick of an expression pedal in round seven felt like a huge reach; something akin to taking a kicker in the fifth round of a fantasy football draft. But I’ve got a lot of love for the Boss LS-2. It’s a outstandingly useful tool for loop lines and pedal switching, so while I’m sure some of you will think its selection suspect, I have to disagree. It’s a perfect late round pick.

Otherwise, this was an interesting round that was all over the place as everyone maneuvered to fill the holes on their fantasy pedalboards.

“This is perhaps the closest you can get to the dark and bubbly repeats of the Binson Echorec without actually buying a magnetic disc echo,” Yoel said of the Echosex 2.

And of the Speaker Cranker, Sam said it’s a “great utility boost/drive that nobody can screw up.”

The BlueSky this late seems like a real value, as does Ian’s second Bearfoot pedal in back-to-back rounds.

This was a blast. I want to thank my TRW colleagues for helping pull this off and, as I look back on all this madness, I think Yoel said it best: “I was expecting a lot of antiquated and overexpensive effects from yesteryear, but what I did see were a lot of contemporary choices, with a lot of them having me Googling this or that to see why my esteemed colleagues chose them.”

Seems the trend for most was to draft out of familiarity.

Phillip: “These are all pedals I use on a daily basis.”

Sam: “The only pedals I have not owned/used extensively are the Crayon and Avalanche Run.”

Fletcher: “I have owned all the picks barring the Replicator—which I am dying to try.”

Ian: “Most of the pedals I chose were ones I own or have owned in the past.”

And then there was Yoel.

“I was the first in this draft, so this being a "fantasy" league, I went for something completely fantastical, impractical, and expensive.”

Love it.

Obviously, there were some very surprising results. Notable absences include Boss digital delays, looper pedals of any kind and such venerable overdrives as the Klon, Timmy and hell—the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer.

What did you think the biggest snubs, steals, surprises and wasted picks were? Be sure to let us know.

Until next time!
The TRW Crew

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  1. Paul

    This was by far the most entertaining article you all have done. Such a clever idea! It was cool to see all the reviewers that we have come to know pick these new, and old, pedals. Just super fun. Keep up the great work and thanks for a great read! - See more at:

  2. Nick Rambo

    Thanks for the awesome feedback, Paul. Glad you loved it.

  3. David Outten

    This was hugely entertaining. So interesting to see what people pick , and how their choices match the same strategies of actual NFL GMs. Maybe I’m looking to far into it, but some pick based on value, some pick based upon what they have reviewed personally (like an official visit from a draft prospect). So fun!

    Wish that at the end it showed each “team’s” draft results, so we can put together a pedalboard of their choices.
    I also hope this happens every year to see how it changes due to new products and new pedal needs.

  4. Professor K

    This was a great idea. A lot of fun.

    If Jimi’s wah was on the list, I’m surprised his Fuzz Face wasn’t, too.

  5. Hayden Howell

    Just started guitar I want to make some awesome sounds with

  6. Hayden Howell

    I just started guitar and I want to make some awesome sounds