2016 Tone Report Weekly Fantasy Pedalboard Draft

There were just too many good picks in the dirt-heavy sixth round. Here’s what everybody said about their picks:

David: “Another bizarre fuzz pedal whose tremolo settings can make weird bird and animal calls. I mean, why not?”

Ian: “Safe/boring choice maybe, but if I'm picking an overdrive, this one just works for me.”

Nicholas: “Great sounding ultra-controllable distortion/OD/fuzz thing. Maximum value!”

Eric: “Like the Boiling Point, every note in a chord pops when played through the Baby Blues. The best low-gainer I've played.”

Yoel: “It’s all the boutique cleans and dirties you could want, plus it's perfect for battering the preamp of more high-headroom amps.”


More great choices. Nicholas continues the trend of quirky-but-powerful toys with the super-versatile Schumann PLL fuzz/harmonizer/noise machine—and how could you fault David’s choice of the Vox Wah once played by Jimi Hendrix?

“Impossible?” David said, “Well, it's a fantasy league, so why not?”

In other news, another Skreddy, more Strymon and the first selection of a Boss
pedal. It took seven rounds, but the pedal juggernaut finally made it on the board.

“I love vibrato and the enhanced features should make this one a winner at a reasonable price,” Ian said.


Sorta feels like Nicholas was cheating, doesn’t it? He’s cornered the market on hyper-versatile noise machines. His latest pick of a modified XP-100 Whammy Wah (which allows users to toggle between all four of the XP pedals) seals the deal for the board I’d most want to sit down and mess with for an afternoon. (Though, probably not the one I’d want to take to a gig.)

The most interesting selection in this round was Fletcher’s. After taking a first-in-line fuzzy overdrive from Magnetic Effects in the first round, he grabs another one from the London-based builder here in the Satellite. 

“Christian's original circuits are all knockouts,” Fletcher said. “The White Atom rekindled my love for non-amp-like textural dirt and the Satellite is a bloody thunder switch—pure uncolored DRIVE. Totally love it.”

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  1. Paul

    This was by far the most entertaining article you all have done. Such a clever idea! It was cool to see all the reviewers that we have come to know pick these new, and old, pedals. Just super fun. Keep up the great work and thanks for a great read! - See more at:

  2. Nick Rambo

    Thanks for the awesome feedback, Paul. Glad you loved it.

  3. David Outten

    This was hugely entertaining. So interesting to see what people pick , and how their choices match the same strategies of actual NFL GMs. Maybe I’m looking to far into it, but some pick based on value, some pick based upon what they have reviewed personally (like an official visit from a draft prospect). So fun!

    Wish that at the end it showed each “team’s” draft results, so we can put together a pedalboard of their choices.
    I also hope this happens every year to see how it changes due to new products and new pedal needs.

  4. Professor K

    This was a great idea. A lot of fun.

    If Jimi’s wah was on the list, I’m surprised his Fuzz Face wasn’t, too.

  5. Hayden Howell

    Just started guitar I want to make some awesome sounds with

  6. Hayden Howell

    I just started guitar and I want to make some awesome sounds