2016 Tone Report Weekly Fantasy Pedalboard Draft

“That's three computers thus far, Shooter!” Nicholas has stuck to his talking points thus far, snagging a LOT of power in the Timeline, Space and Mobius. (Not to mention, a particularly tantalizing sonic trio.)

Sam has already covered all the major bases, too—delay, fuzz and a pair of tasty modulation options. “I prize both simplicity and versatility,” he said about his draft strategy. “Each selection I made is capable of delivering a wide variety of useable tones. I can make lots of practical sounds and weird noises.”

It’s interesting to note that, through the first four rounds, Strymon, Eventide and Source Audio have joined EHX as the only companies to receive multiple picks. Well deserved.

Side Note: Kudos for Fletcher’s pick of the nearly iconic Malekko B:Assmaster. That thing is awesome. (And it’s been on Fletcher’s personal board for over a decade.) Also, there was an early rider on the Shoe Pixel bandwagon; it’s awesome to see that picked in the in this round, too.


This round had it all—a wacky rhythm and octave sequencer, another megadelay, a little bit of vintage and arguably the biggest reach yet in the T-Rex Replicator. (Not to mention, more Strymon and the much-heralded Warped Vinyl from Chase Bliss.)

I wanted to give Sam some love for picking the Vintage Modified version of the Empress Superdelay, but Fletcher stole the show with the very next pick when he selected the T-Rex Replicator. (If you don’t know what it is, go to Google. Right now.) Even better, he stole it right out from under a couple of other players who had it slated as their next choice. 

“I was going to go El Cap,” Fletcher said. “Abused it for years, but this new real tape delay is a definite fantasy own of mine.”

With a $900 price tag and three glorious seconds of authentic-as-it-gets magnetic tape delay that actually fits on a pedalboard, it’s a modern masterpiece as far as time-based pedals are concerned, taking the droolworthy concept up a notch or two.

In other news, Nicholas’s pick of the Mu-Tron c200 is very interesting. He says it’s the best wah he’s ever heard. Also, it has a clever switching system that allows you to use volume and wah simultaneously. “Look it up,” he says.

Side note: This round featured Eric’s only pedal with fewer than 5 controls on it.

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  1. Paul

    This was by far the most entertaining article you all have done. Such a clever idea! It was cool to see all the reviewers that we have come to know pick these new, and old, pedals. Just super fun. Keep up the great work and thanks for a great read! - See more at:

  2. Nick Rambo

    Thanks for the awesome feedback, Paul. Glad you loved it.

  3. David Outten

    This was hugely entertaining. So interesting to see what people pick , and how their choices match the same strategies of actual NFL GMs. Maybe I’m looking to far into it, but some pick based on value, some pick based upon what they have reviewed personally (like an official visit from a draft prospect). So fun!

    Wish that at the end it showed each “team’s” draft results, so we can put together a pedalboard of their choices.
    I also hope this happens every year to see how it changes due to new products and new pedal needs.

  4. Professor K

    This was a great idea. A lot of fun.

    If Jimi’s wah was on the list, I’m surprised his Fuzz Face wasn’t, too.

  5. Hayden Howell

    Just started guitar I want to make some awesome sounds with

  6. Hayden Howell

    I just started guitar and I want to make some awesome sounds