Best Pedals of 2013

Phillip Dodge looks back and chooses his five favorite pedals of 2013.

  • By Phillip Dodge @tonereport
  • January 22, 2014


At a very respectable #4, I present to you, the Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver. It’s a fuzz, it’s an overdrive, it’s germanium, it’s silicon – it’s awesome. By combining a BC109C silicon transistor and an AC127 germanium transistor, the Hybrid Fuzz Driver combines the tonal qualities of germanium with the stability of silicon. It uses a third transistor (another BC109C as an input stage). The Hybrid Fuzz Driver was designed around humbuckers but works well with all pickup types. But thanks to being tuned for less bass and greater mids, it performs beautifully with humbuckers. It has plenty of thick fuzz on tap, but can also straddle the line between fuzz and overdrive.




At number t-hree, we have another dirt pedal - the Mad Professor Amber Overdrive. The Amber was designed to replicate the sound of an overdrive or fuzz going into an already overdriven amp and the folks at Mad Professor nailed it. While it’s titled an overdrive, this one starts off crunchy and then works its way quickly into thick, saturated, classic rock mayhem.
By the time you crank the drive dial to 2:00 o’clock you’ve got cranked stack tones, violin-like sustain, and effortless feedback at the click of a switch and at just about any volume. On some level, the drive dial almost works like a time machine. At the low end of the dial you have the classic crunch of Cheap Trick and Thin Lizzy and then you wind it on up into the hot-rodded Marshalls of the 1980’s Sunset Strip and beyond. No matter where you set it, you’ll be smiling.

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  1. Tony

    #2 is listed as the “Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini” but displays the “Silicon Fuzz Face Mini”.. the Hendrix one is light blue/teal. I own the Silicon one:)

  2. Mark

    Needed as possible,,, thanks

  3. Tom FitzGibbon

    I receive your Tone Report newsletter by email, but cannot read the text. It’s blurry, and navigation is difficult.
    This format I’m writing from is much better.

  4. Javier Albaladejo

    Is it possible to access to the magazines of 2014 and earlier?