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  • By Fletcher Stewart @tonereport
  • April 15, 2016

Boss Waza Craft Pedals
What was that criteria for “boutique” pedals again? Built like a tank, sonically superior? Tested one at a time? If these are indeed the specs for a boutique-quality pedal, then Boss’s new Waza Craft line fits the bill on all accounts. Ironic isn’t it that a company unfairly thought of as the “opposite of boutique” has pedals still on the boards of rock stars that have been withstanding unrivalled road abuse for 40-plus years. I’ve had vintage Boss pedals with no paint left on them delivering night after night, while hand-painted boutique jobbies sputter out and fail more times than I care to mention. I swear my old CE-2 had a circuit that ran on spilled beer and second hand smoke. I actually used it as a pipe once—no lie.

In any case, I have put all of the new Waza pedals up against the rest and the BD-2W Blues Driver is still a super-inspiring little blue box. The Waza version is an improvement on a criminally unsung overdrive, if I may be so bold. It just works and sounds incredible though a Fender Deluxe Reverb. I own the DM-2W and it is still my go-to magenta analog stomper. It doesn’t have tap tempo or modulation or presets or anything fancy. It retains the analog rubberized halo of hazy bouncy echo that the original did with added delay time, stereo outs and expression control inputs. I love it’s signature sound and it is the only delay I will run straight into the amp pre-dirt if need be. The repeats melt into whatever source they hit. At the time of this writing the VB-2W just arrived, so stay tuned classic stomp fanatics. These Waza Craft pedals are designed by the original engineers of the classics and inspected one-at-a-time in Japan where it all began. Boss rules; don’t let the snobs tell us different.

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