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Live Gear Spotlight: Gary Clark Jr

Rebecca Dirks catches up with modern blues phenom Gary Clark Jr to take a look at the gear he's using at gigs.

  • By Rebecca Dirks @tonereport
  • January 13, 2014


Clark is a Fender amp guy through and through, and the base of his tone is always a Fender 20th Anniversary Vibro-King with Jensen 8-ohm speakers. Clark first got turned on to the tone of the Vibro-King through Texas bluesman Alan Haynes. "He has the perfect tone," says Clark, of Haynes' Strat/Vibro-King combination. "[The Vibro-King] bites without being too loud." He prefers the anniversary version because of the point-to-point wiring, and combines it with a Fender Princeton Reverb set up as a slave. Both amps are always on, though the Princeton Reverb is sometimes swapped for another small Fender model.


The amps are mic'd with Cascade Fat Head 2 ribbon mics with Lundahl transformers mixed with a Beyer M69. Front of House man Bareth "Cheex" Ramanath explains that the Beyer is warm, fat, and true to form. "I can accurately image the tones coming out of the amp since they have a nice tone to begin with."

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  2. Jon Archambault

    Just to clarify, ALL Fender Custom Shop Vibro-King Amplifiers are hand-wired point-to-point, not just the 20th Anniversary model.