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The Guitars of Keith Urban

When Keith Urban came to town, Rebecca Dirks jumped at the chance to check out the creative and unconventional guitar rig of one of country music's biggest stars.

  • By Rebecca Dirks @tonereport
  • January 09, 2014


Spend some time with Keith Urban's rig and you'll have more than a couple "Wait…what!?" moments. Sure, every major player worth their salt travels with a backup rig, but Urban's is a backup Dumble Overdrive Special—for the uninitiated, that's one of the world's rarest, priciest, and most respected amps. And safely tucked away in his guitar boat are '54 and '64 Fender Stratocasters… with the pickups swapped out. But before you cry foul and demand demand Urban's head on a pike for crimes against the precious notions of internet forum "experts," it's important to note that Keith Urban's live tone slays

Urban's live performances put the guitar front and center in a way that manages to send the teenage-girl and mom crowd into fits of hysteria while simultaneously earning the respect and admiration of the most critical and discerning players and tonehounds. Even the noted curmudgeons of The Gear Page agree, "Nobody is playing guitar right now better than Keith Urban."

So when I heard that Urban and crew were coming to town, I had to see what gear was powering this tonal juggernaut. Guitar tech Chris Miller was extraordinarily accommodating, and as we talked about how each guitar, amp, and effect comprise the Keith Urban sound, all of those "WTF" moments transformed into a profound respect for a guy who builds his rig with a refreshing "whatever gets the job done" sensibility. 

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  1. dg


  2. Marvin

    Why this guy needs more than one guitar at all is a mystery. Keith Urban? Really?

  3. Lgreen

    Marvin.  Really?  You obviously haven’t heard him play nor attended his concerts.

  4. Floyd Newsome

    Received my 50pc acoustic electric yesterday. Disappointed in string to fret height especially as you get closer to the sound hole.

  5. vince

    The urban acoustic guitar my son got for Christmas looks awesome, but sounds terrible,  dead, and not good.  A big disappointment.

  6. Randolph Roeder

    I’d far rather read about The Guitars of Keith Levene

  7. Tommy B

    The guitar Keith played on the tribute to the Bee Gees, awesome wondering what it was. Great playing