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A Short Guide to Vintage Traynor Amps

The history of a legendary Canadian amp maker and a guide to the company's most prized amps.

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  1. rrkellogg

    Waste of time….......

  2. TJ Nugent

    After listening to scores of your demos, I trust your opinion and glad you are writing for the publication… Thanks Burgs!

  3. gim

    now i have one of these guitars)))


    Not For Me

  5. Marcelo

    Great song, great guitar parts. And great lesson as always. ‘L’,

  6. Anthony Lee

    And now i know why!

  7. mpk421@gmail.com

    Geez are the retailers preparing us for the next shittybut pretty in a picture , guitars made in China from our sellout conpany Fender?

  8. Mark

    Since present,,, but fridge butter.

  9. Roger Shattuck

    I had a chance to be a dealer for these guys back in 1995. Kicking myself…

  10. Steve

    Please don’t let Eastwood see this….

  11. Steve

    Hey, Guys your video lessons no longer load, the last two tone reports you sent, all the video lessons show a blank page with the title & nothing else. All the past lessons loaded & played fine. I think there is a problem on you computer end. Please reply.