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New Versions Of JHS Pedals Revealed At Summer NAMM

Kansas City, MO (July 25, 2017) – Revealed at Summer NAMM, the updated versions of the flagship Double Barrel 2-in-1, Sweet Tea 2-in-1 and the Moonshine Overdrive are available and shipping worldwide now.  In our 10th year, we’ve decided to improve some of our flagship units with some simple but drastic upgrades.  The most notable change is that both 2-in-1 pedals will now have the updated Moonshine V2 as part of the circuit instead of a modded TS808 style circuit.  Here is a full list of the Version upgrades:

Moonshine V2
– added Clean Blend knob
– same classic Screamer/Dumble tones
– same compact footprint
– same 2-way “Proof” clipping toggle
– same retail price $199
Double Barrel V4
– replaced TS808 side with updated Moonshine V2
– replaced Morning Glory side with newer Morning Glory V4
– moved to Top mounted I/O jacks
– Red Remote equipped
– Same classic order toggle
– Same retail price of $315
Sweet Tea V3
 replaced TS808 side with updated Moonshine V2
– replaced Angry Charlie side with newer Angry Charlie V3
– moved to Top mounted I/O jacks
– Same classic order toggle
– Same retail price of $315

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  1. Al Sauvé

    Any possibility of upgrading my original sweet tea to at v3?