Do It Yourself

Hack Your Rig: 60 Second Traction Knobs

  • By Rebecca Dirks @tonereport
  • February 06, 2014

60-Second Traction Knobs

Problem: You love speed knobs, but your sweaty mitts make it hard to get a good grip during shows.

Famous Fix: Dimebag Darrell used a soldering iron to melt grips into his controls—a practice replicated on Dean's current crop of Dimebag signature models.

Cost: Free!

How to do it: Heat a soldering iron and gently press the tip into the plastic on the sides of the knobs at even increments. If you don't have a soldering iron, carefully heat the tip of a Phillips head screwdriver with a lighter and do the same.


Dimebag Darrell photo by Rik Goldman