Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl Guitar Lesson

  • By Andy Martin @tonereport
  • January 07, 2014

The ProGuitarShop Riff of the Day is Neil Young's Cinnamon Girl Guitar Lesson. Andy shows how to play with timeless tune with a double drop-D tuning and the Catalinbread Formula No. 5 for the necessary tweed tone. Enjoy the Neil Young Cinnamon Girl lesson.


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  1. Byron

    Thanks Andy! You have taught me so much! I have improved on songs I have “known” for years playing them but not quite right. Thanks for ironing out the kinks!

    Can I request a song? I have always had trouble with the lead bits and part of the intro from “I know a little” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Your format of teaching would make this a better transition to playing the song correctly

    You’re the best!