Pearl Jam - Corduroy Guitar Lesson

  • By Andy Martin @tonereport
  • January 07, 2014

Pearl Jam "Corduroy" guitar lesson. Today we're using a Catalinbread Galileo to produce the EL-84 tube grind heard in this classic 90's riff. Pearl Jam by this time were known to be using smaller boutique amps to record and the natural tube saturation is something the Catalinbread Galileo loves to recreate. Vedder always plays this song with some style of Tele and we found the Galileo without the Top Boost fits the bill for the intro. As the hypnotic riff builds tension, you can hit the Galileo's Top Boost to let the chords roar with a Voxey/Matchless grind. Corduroy's chorus uses a descending pattern of C,B,A,G where the open strings really get to ring and jangle. Enjoy your riff of the day guitar lesson.


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