Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack Guitar Lesson

  • By Andy Martin @tonereport
  • January 07, 2014

Rage Against The Machine "Bombtrack" guitar lesson. Today we're using the CMAT Mods Brownie to deliver a fat tone with harmonically rich power chords. Just like Tom Morello's JCM-800, the Brownie isn't stuck in one era and can push out bigger low end and higher gain, especially at 18 volts. RATM's Bombtrack intro locks in tight with the bass and plays a few variations that you have to nail down before jumping in fully. Using nothing but the guitar's volume knob, you can use the CMAT Mods Brownie to blend into the heavier riff and give that lower 5th on power chords a strong powerful foundation. Finally, Morello slips in a descending blues pentatonic scale for the verse that lands on A at the 5th fret, letting you add a little pinky bend with some attitude. Enjoy your riff of the day guitar lesson.

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