Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby Guitar Lesson

  • By Andy Martin @tonereport
  • January 07, 2014

Stone Temple Pilots "Big Bang Baby" guitar lesson. Today we're using the Catalinbread Galileo to replicate the chime and grit of Dean DeLeo's P-90 guitar straight into a driven EL-84 combo. Starting with the bark of the Revtrons in the Reverend Charger 290, we used the Galileo's interactive EQ to push the midrange while backing off the bass to match this screaming small speaker tone. The main riff can be thought of as two different patterns with their last 3 chords differing: G,A,D vs. A,B,E. Big Bang Baby along with most STP tunes has a great mix of punky based power and beautiful chord phrasing as heard in the chorus, where DeLeo plays an octave higher. The top boost of the Catalinbread Galileo made it even easier to increase the energy whenever you need that extra punch. Enjoy your riff of the day guitar lesson.


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