Droolworthy: 1962 National/Valco Glenwood and Val-Pro

  • By Gavin Wahl-Stephens @tonereport
  • January 21, 2016

The proud owner of this vintage pairing couldn’t tell you where he came upon them, or when they became part of the collection—it was many years ago and many memories have faded away just the same. Nevertheless, they are here in all their original glory, unchanged and benefitting from the renewed interest in everything Valco.

Built in 1962 and bearing the National brand name, these two guitars were manufactured by the infamous Valco Company. The red guitar is a Glenwood 95 model that became known as the MAP guitar due to the resemblance the body has to the map of the United States.  At this point, it is well-known that these are not standard wood-body guitars. Built from Res-O-Glas—a type of fiberglass—these guitars are large but very lightweight.

The Val-Pro 84 is a more understated guitar. The vintage white finish paired with a single neck humbucker gives this model a more laid-back vibe as well as a lower price point. A unique feature on the Val-Pro 84 is the clear Plexiglas bridge with built-in pickup that allows the player to get an acoustic tone when plugged in.

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  1. Ron

    Droolworthy?? Really?? These are the ugliest guitars I’ve ever seen! Looks like only the Hipsters that idolize Hipster bands are drooling on these. Pffffft!

  2. Paul Murphy

    I’ve seen one of those Nationals at my local music store for 675.00…..damn!! I should have bought it, but I didn’t have any cash on me at the time…...damn, damn, damn, it!!!

  3. kelly singj

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