Droolworthy: Andy’s Go To Marshall

This is my absolute favorite Marshall amp, a 1972 100 Watt Super Lead. It's one of the lucky ones that hasn't been molested over the years with extra preamp tubes or a master volume and it is the last year before Marshall switched to PCB. You can see it has the famous mustard caps on the board and besides some new filter caps, this baby is stock. This is one of those amps that you don't need an overdrive pedal with, just use your guitar volume to go from clean to dirty. When you hit the sweet spot on the volume, that Jimmy Page "honk" just comes to life and I feel I can put an end to chasing the Page tone after many years. The inputs can be linked together to help fatten up the tone but I usually use the bright channel around 6 which isn't affected by the bright cap at that point. My favorite settings are: presence 4, bass 0, midrange and treble at 10. I've never heard a 100 watter as meaty as this one before. I drool every time I look at it and it looks pretty slick atop a custom 4x12 Mojotone cab loaded with their British Vintage Series 60w speakers.

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