Droolworthy: Mosrite Vibramute Ventures Model

  • By Fletcher Stewart @tonereport
  • June 05, 2014

Photos by: David Ruston of Rusty Imaging

The Mosrite Ventures Model guitar is an American classic. This amalgamation of beautiful curvature, handmade craftsmanship and ornamental, functional hardware brings us back to a day when electric guitars were created with passion. Today’s Droolworthy subject is an exact reproduction of the coveted 60’s-era Vibramute Ventures Model. This piece was possibly one of the last hand-built Vibramutes made by Semie Moseley before his passing in 1992, and his signature is proudly scrawled under the lacquer on the back of the headstock. The Vibramute embodies Moseley’s vision of the perfect electric guitar in every detail. This is the guitar with the “built in soul.” Mosrite forever.


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  1. Jeff

    I had an original with Binding and set neck bought in 1964. I still have the receipt and picture. It was number 107. Vibramute arm was cast with the screw and the first thing to break off. Getting different springs to compensate for different string gauges was a real pain. When the set neck broke off the body that was it for me. I tried selling it in the 80’s and could not get a buyer. It even sat in a guitar store on consignment and returned to me. Eventually it made it’s way to the landfill. Old and vintage does not men great.

  2. Robert Corbett

    These guitars are without a doubt some of the finest guitars in the world. I own 22 various guitars, Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, Music Mans, Epiphones, Gibson, Greg Bennett, Charvel, Aria, and I personally own two Mosrite “Ventures” guitars. I have played or owned just about all of the top brand made guitars there are, and by far the one I love the most is the Mosrites. There’s just no comparison to look, feel, playability and sound in these instruments. If my house were to catch fire, the two Mosrites would be the two I’d grab!

  3. Tony

    Sweet ride… I would play this piece.

  4. kelly

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