Rig Report

Dweezil Zappa

  • By Sarah FitzGerald @tonereport
  • February 11, 2014


Dweezil uses an SG from the Gibson Custom Shop which is a replica of Frank’s infamous “Roxy” SG (used on the Apostrophe Roxy albums). The guitar features two toggle switches—the first changes the Gibson Custom Shop PAFs from humbucking to single coil, the second allows out of phase. Dweezil also had a piezo pickup installed at the bridge, making this guitar singlehandedly capable of almost any sound—a necessary feature when playing the complex compositions of Frank Zappa!


Dweezil also takes a Fender Strat to the show, a Custom Shop guitar built by master builder Alex Perez. Not only does it have a picture of Frank on the upper bout (!), but the neck is a replica of a guitar neck that Frank once had on The Hendrix Strat (Zappa famously owned a strat that Hendrix set on fire). The guitar has Fender Eric Johnson single coils in it and Zappa purposefully has the pickguard customized to look like a part of it snapped off—a look he first saw on a guitar Jeff Beck was playing.

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  1. fano boss

    Dweezil is underrated and under appreciated as a musical genius

  2. Reuben Marks

    Back in the old days (1972) I was more familiar with Captain Beefheart than Frank Zappa, but I do have a few albums by Zappa. The only way to familiarize yourself with Frank Zappa is to listen to Frank Zappa. He was a great musician and imitated no one.

  3. Jeff

    Yeah, u r riight about this, it’s been a while since last time i read a post i like so much! I am just totally agree with you!! Keep writing on! Thank you for your post!!

  4. Yadi

    Conferi, curti, e sempre adeimri Zappapai e o Zappafilho. Falando em lembrar, nos idos da pedra lascada da internet, me lembro que rolou uma animae7e3o do Don t Eat ... que fim tere1 tido?Valeu, estemo bom gosto cara![]s

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