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Fractal Audio Announces Axe-FX III Preamp and Effects Processor

The modeling heavyweights announce their release the day after NAMM ends.

For many in the touring, recording, and professional music world, the Axe-FX series from Fractal Audio represents the current pinnacle of guitar tone technology. These units pack a staggering array of amp models, effects, and other features, and are used by a massive variety of pros in addition to a loyal legion of at-home guitarists.

And now, a day after the close of the 2018 NAMM show, Fractal Audio has announced the launch of the latest update in the series: the Axe-FX III.

Since Fractal users and fans tend to be somewhat tech-minded and interested in the details, we're going to copy here the entirety of the press release as sent by Fractal Audio to get as much information out there as possible.

Here's what the team from Fractal had to say about this new and sure-to-be-very-popular unit:

Fractal Audio Systems, LLC located in Plaistow, NH is pleased to announce the release of the Axe-Fx III Preamp and Effects Processor. Recognized as the leader in digital guitar amp modeling and effects processing, Fractal Audio Systems has once again established itself as the preeminent producer of advanced signal processing products for the electric guitar.

The Axe-Fx III culminates dozens of years of development in a truly state-of-the-art product. Equipped with four processors, the Axe-Fx III contains more raw processing power than any hardware effects processor ever made, by far.

A dedicated graphics processor handles the custom-designed color LCD offering superior viewing angle and the high brightness necessary for demanding environments. The LCD is fully animated providing meters, moving knobs and other feedback to the user.


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