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Amptweaker Releases DeFizzerator EQ Pedal

With the introduction of effects loops on the back of Amptweaker pedals, it soon became obvious that in addition to adding other e ects, users could easily modify the tone of the pedal by patching an EQ in the loop, since it turns o and on with the footswitch. One of the most common things that varies from one amp/speaker to the next is the sizzle, edge or ‘fizz’. So the DeFizzerator was born to address that issue. A simple passive low impedance EQ rolls o highs at one of three very high frequencies, Fizz, Buzz, or Crackle. The Fizz is the highest frequency, and the Crackle is a little higher frequency than a regular High control, so these are higher than most typical amp EQs, and really are in the range where amp designers tweak for their trademark highs. The single knob mini pedal is always on, requires no batteries, and adds no noise to the system....it just cuts the fizz!

The DeFizzerator also works after any kind of bu er, or with pedalboard switcher systems, or even in the e ects loop of an amplifier, to e ectively knock down the edge. While more obvious when used with a heavier sounding amp with more high harmonics, it also can help soften the bite of a cleaner blues amp.

And since the Amptweaker Pro pedals all have a separate loop for the Boost channel, the DeFizzerator pedal can be patched in there to dial the tone down a bit on the higher gain tone, for players who want the boosted gain tone to closer match the un-boosted tone.


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  1. David

    I got the first one off the production line and shoved it in the effects loop of Fender BDR and it tamed the highs so nicely! It also removed the bite from a ‘65 DRRi too. I’ll be getting another one soon, great pedal as always from James at Amptweaker!