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Dr. No and Troy Van Leeuwen’s First Of Two Collaboration Pedals

Dr. No and Troy van Leeuwen's (Queens of the Stone Age, Gone is Gone, Sweethead, Failure) first release of a series of two collaboration pedals. First up the "Octavia"

The Collaboration between Troy van Leeuwen and Dr. No started after a gig in Amsterdam, were Troy van Leeuwen was playing with Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression in may 2016. Troy van Leeuwen, (known from the Queens of the Stone Age, Failure, Sweethead, and his recently formed band Gone is Gone), asked Dr. No if he would be interested in doing a project with him.

Totally unprepared for this question, but as a great fan, honoured by the request, Dr. No leaves the venue and after missing his last train back, and so a long night stay at the train station, he returned to his laboratory to immediately start to outline the ideas Toy had put in his head.

It wasn’t an easy job to evolve in previous designs and sonic concept and take this to a next level as well as to capture the artist in question’s DNA and put this all in a guitar pedal.

After a long search and a few prototypes, Dr. No game to the conclusion that Troy’s wish list wasn’t able to fit in one pedal. Soon the idea came to create the whole enquired spectrum of unorthodox tones, in two enclosures and two different concepts. To be honest the signature QOTSA was a guide line as Troy van Leeuwen told Dr. No some of his tonal secrets to capture in this project.

So, not one but two pedals for this connoisseur were going to be developed.
First up is the Octavia ( not to be mistaken by an Octaver), if you listened to Jimi Hendrix and his solo at the end of “Who Knows” in “Band Of Gypsys” as well as many QOTSA riffs and songs know what an Octavia is. This Octavia is made with two functions. A “Blameshifter” (inside QOTSA joke) switch to set the gain of the Octavia, getting a nasty to sweet Fuzz tone, and a overall Volume knob.

The Octavia works best when put first is a pedal chain, try to work with guitar tone knob, when dailed back, magic octavia tones will come out better, especially from 12th fret and up.

The on/off light is  a custom made anatomical correct tiny Heart, on a bottom plate of real leaf gold. Protected by a sturdy glass dome that is as well a custom made design for this project.

A special “TVL” Crest is designed and added to the cosmetic design on both pedals top design as well as used on the wax stamp on the front side of the pedal.

The complete design and techniques are fully handmade and feature only custom made elements especially created for this “TVL” signature collaboration effects.

Because this particular pedal consumes a lot of time and work in custom made elements to build, only a few per month will be available at this labshop and listed dealers.


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