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Gurus Amps Presents The Brivido Project

“BRIVIDO” is the first of a product line that will be unified under the same name & concept.

"BRIVIDO" gets it’s name from the emotion we felt when first heard it. We could translate it as "Thrill" or "Shiver", or something you can feel when music or tone are able to touch your soul and expand your creativity. We took inspiration from an idea of the 60’ era, where some crazy engineer designed tube power modules for Juke-Box and live clubs Power units that were made with a couple of EL34 tubes running at a much higher voltage than any others tubes.

When restoring many of these old modules, we found it is a very good idea to applied this to a modern guitar amp, with some mods to increase the performance and safety as well.

This idea helped us to reach some of the most important results of our Gurus Amps career, creating something can be defined as the “holy grail” of guitar amps.

It works with just the double of dynamic range of any other existing amp, and you can feel it under your fingers. It can generate unbelievable power with only 2 tubes, more than 100Watts RMS, but the best thing is that it sounds impressive at any volume level, and this is the aim of many manufacturers and they have been trying to achieve for many years.

We have manufactured the first amp of Brivido series as a three channel head, so you can try its incredible possibilities in every applications. 


  • 2x EL34B = >100W RMS clean
  • Infinite Sweet spots from 1W to >100W
  • Tubes Longer life (they work with a stable temperature 150°F less of standard use)
  • Double Dynamic = unbelievable touch response.

Product Overview

 Brivido Guru’s Signature 100W 3channel is the first amp of the Brivido line, that will be followed by a Classic Vintage-Look Single channel head, and a Combo in next months.

The undeniable advantages of this kind of innovative Amp, will be made available to all kind of musicians, with different needs.. and they finally will be able to keep their own tone from their bedroom to the big stage, in every situations.

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