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Gurus Amps Presents The SexyDrive MkII

Gurus Amps presents the “SexyDrive MkII” Overdrive Pedal

"The New Sexydrive MkII has all the same features of first Sexydrive pedal, which was famous for its outstanding dynamic and amp-like response. We have now taken inspiration from some of the most historical OD-Tone generating wonders like Dumble, Klon and we have added a blend option with a control called Balance."

This Balance control lets you mix the OD and clean signal to revive pick attack and increase the dynamic feel. It adds a new exciting dynamic level to your performance.

A small hole in the bottom panel gives you access to a trimpot to set the level of the clean signal to be assigned to the Balance pot.

Two small windows on the faceplate, show the “peak” (Drive) and “fuel” indicates when battery level is low (when Sexydrive MkII is used with a 9V battery.)

The Sexydrive MkII can also use a DC power supply of 9 V or 12V that internally provides elevated input tension for more dynamics.

The Look of new Sexydrive MkII perfectly matches other Gurus Pedals.

Size: 3.54” x 5.11” x 1.57” “

  • Features and benefits:

-   Amp-like response

-   Boost/Overdrive use, with a full tone stack to better sculpt your tone

  • Infinite sweetspots tweaking volume, balance, and gain pots
  • High dynamic signal both in 9 or 12V powering mode
  • Company background boilerplate:


"At Gurus amps, we actually work with many PROs like Lukather, Albert Lee, Joe Walsh, Alan Parsons, Adrian Belew, Phil X, Motorhead’s Phil Campbell, Skunk Anansie, and many others,  and we’re going to let them all test and promote the new pedal."

Gurus amps:



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