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Magnetic Effects Introduce The Zola Effects Pedal

London, England - 19 December 2016 - Magnetic Effects are pleased to release the Zola.

The Zola is an ultra high headroom clean boost with a linear response, active EQ and switchable buffer

An internal voltage multiplier internally converts 9V up to 30V for unparalleled headroom.

The incredible 30V of headroom means the boost stays totally clean at all levels and can handle large input signals. It also makes Zola suitable for use as a boost in amp effects loops.

EQ flexibility is provided by the two band active EQ offering Boost and Cut ability to the treble and bass response. Use the EQ controls to fatten or tighten the low end, add presence or smooth the top end or match the EQ response between different instruments.

Over 20db of signal boost give you plenty of boosting ability. The Boost control can also attenuate the signal adding more flexibility. Use it at the end of your signal chain as a level matcher and tone enhancer.

A switchable buffer gives the user the choice of true bypass or a high quality, high headroom buffered bypass when the effect is off.


  • -  Ultra High Headroom

  • -  Two Band active EQ

  • -  Switchable buffered or True Bypass

  • -  Top mounted Jacks and DC socket

  • -  9V adapter powered

  • -  Voltagemultiplierforincreasedheadroom

  • -  100%handmade

    RETAIL PRICE: £109 plus shipping.

    ABOUT: Magnetic Effects is a company based in London, England specialising in handmade guitar pedals with practical features for guitarists.

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