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New JHS Pedals 500 Series

JHS Pedals is proud to announce the first three JHS 500 units are now shipping!  The Colour Box PreAmp/EQ, the SuperBolt Analog Distortion, and the Emperor Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo are now shipping to Dealers worldwide.  

The JHS 500 series is the result of over three years of research and design work that was driven by the needs and advice of renowned producers, engineers, and musicians across the globe. The goal of the JHS 500 series is to offer you a unique and innovative product for the studio environment that holds to the JHS standards of quality, usability, and service. Each JHS 500 unit was developed from the ground up to be a real studio grade device that doesn’t cut corners in any way. We are known across the world for our guitar pedals, but these JHS 500 units are our bold entry into the arena of high-end pro audio gear. We have gone to great lengths to use only the highest grade parts and materials to ensure amazing specs, performance, and durability that will last a lifetime. 

Youtube Videos:

AEA Ribbon Mics  demos – https://youtu.be/0FrvYfaaM_A
Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam) demo – https://youtu.be/mkoPWGQ-o9c
Spencer Tweedy (Wilco, Tweedy) demo – https://youtu.be/0L0m37X-I-0
Switchfoot demo – https://youtu.be/OGt-nChDJ3U
Jim Eno (Spoon, Phantogram) – https://youtu.be/ID8TmjTRAxo
Paul Moak (Civil Wars, Mercy Me) – https://youtu.be/c0cSfiAnhSc 
Josh Scott (founder of JHS Pedals) – https://youtu.be/74Eug-OsTFQ

For more info on the JHS 500 series:

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