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OKKO Introduces The Diablo GH Signature OD/Boost

Leipzig, Germany – April 15, 2017. OKKO FX just came up with their first signature model. Gregor Hilden, top blues player, collector and dealer of finest vintage guitars and amps – this man knows TONE. More than 10 years ago he bought one of the first Diablo pedals in a little shop in Germany and kept it as THE overdrive ever since that day, playing it in countless shows and thousands of guitar demo videos in his popular GregsGuitars Youtube channel.


Watch him play the Diablo GH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrNkVt0eZ60


The Diablo GH offers exceptional dynamic qualities and super-clear, warm tone in a precisely adjustable 2-in-1 Overdrive and Boost pedal. Unlike many other ODs it works perfectly well with clean amps.

The GH model is based on the classic Diablo but comes with a few tweaks and a set of controls that allow you to fine-tune the „feel“ of the pedal, the way how it reacts to your pick attack and playing dynamics.


    • DYN(AMIC) controls an internal voltage doubler from 6 to 18 volts for control of „sag“, compression and punch
    • FEED controls lower frequencies in the input signal for tight and clear sounds even with the fattest neck pickups
    • BODY adds low mids in the first gain stage for thick, singing sounds
    • INPUT and MIDS mini switches for further tonal options
    • independent footswitchable CLEAN BOOST with tone control, located AFTER the overdrive in the signal chain


The DIABLO GH Signature pedal is available for 249 EUR/USD in selected stores or directly from the OKKO online store at www.okko-fx.com


Since 2002 OKKO pedals are designed and handbuilt by Heiko Lauenroth and his team of touring musicians in Leipzig, Germany. Pedals like Diablo OD, Dominator Distortion, Coca/Cocaine Compressors and others have earned a reputation for cutting, dynamic tones, roadworthy construction and hassle-free operation.

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