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Reverend SuperRev Is a Mean Machine

Special Edition Only Available for One Year

TOLEDO, OH (AUGUST 25, 2017) –  Like muscle cars of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Reverend SuperRev sounds as powerful as it looks.  The single Railhammer Alnico Grande creates fat, thick and loud tone and an Ebony fretboard is for high-speed playing.  The Circle R brand on fire surrounded by “SuperRev” leads to a black drag strip down the center of the guitar.   It comes in a trio of colors – ’69 Orange, ’69 Lime, and ’69 Yellow – all with matching headstocks. The Checkerboard Flag logo on the back marks it as a special edition, which will only be available from August of 2017 until July of 2018.

On all Reverend Guitars, there is a Boneite nut and locking tuners, Reverend’s Bass Contour Control, and a dual-action truss rod – all for maximum performance.  You can’t be different if you’re playing what everyone else is. Visit www.reverendguitars.com to start your journey towards being an individual.

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