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Solid Gold FX Releases New Funkzilla with Tap Tempo

Our neighbors to the north at SolidGoldFX have just announced a new Funkzilla envelope filter pedal that includes tap tempo- actually a pretty novel feature.  Here’s the blurb straight from SolidGoldFX:


The Funkzilla is our answer for those in search of the ultimate filter pedal. With its all-analog signal path, powerful filter matrix, and unique Tap Tempo control, with filter modulation, the Funkzilla truly is an instrument in and of itself. Standard controls for Frequency and Depth make it easy to quickly shape the character of the filter while the Attack knob lets you dial in the filter’s response to your instrument. In addition to the core filter controls, the Funkzilla also includes a Direction toggle, shared by both Envelope and Tap modes, giving you the ability to set the direction of the filter sweep and our custom Tap Tempo function with tap multiplier takes your filter control even further offering multiple waveform settings, expression pedal input, and dynamic rhythmic patterns. With its wide range the Funkzilla is at home on any pedalboard whether for guitar, bass or keys. If you have been looking for an inspired filter pedal that takes creativity to a new level look no further than the Funkzilla!


Get a load of the available funk on tap by checking out this demo:


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  1. Michael Wilde

    Great demo, great pedal,  so how much $