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Subdecay Launches The Vector Preamp

Subdecay is proud to announce the new eleven channel Vector Preamp


The Oregon pedal maker merges their early roots of fuzz and overdrive with their current design ethos. The Vector uses digitally controlled analog gain stages and an internal tonestack to pack eleven channels of overdrive and fuzz into a stunningly compact pedal.

The channels include Drive 1 & 2, Crunch, Vintage, Fuzz 1 &2, Meltdown, 1980s, 1990s and Modern 1 & 2.

The control surface gives you a familiar volume, drive and gain controls. The Vector’s simplicity lets you get things done without getting in the way.

  • All analog signal path and true bypass switching.
  • Powered by a 9 – 18 volt DC adapter.
  • The Vector preamp will be available August 24th for $179.

Find out more about the Vector Preamp.

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