Alexander Pedals Waveland

  • By Nick Rambo @tonereport
  • December 17, 2015

So you've got one spot left on your pedalboard and can't decide which style of modulation to go with—a choppy tremolo, wobbly chorus or a classic phase. I get it, choices like that can can be tough. Good news though, because the new Waveland from Alexander Pedals packs all three of those sounds into a single box, making the decision much easier.

Dive into the Waves

The Waveland is a fully loaded modulation machine that’s exclusively offered by Pro Guitar Shop. Not only does it serve up three delicious favors of wavy goodness, but it's equipped with enough tone-shaping flexibility to simultaneously deliver an enjoyable playing experience, too.

The tremolo section goes from smooth and amp-like to full-on helicopter stutter in no time, thanks to the dynamic interplay between the Mix and Depth controls. In short, the Depth knob adjusts how much modulation is applied to the effect. Think of it as an intensity control. And the Mix knob is a pan between wet and dry signal. Having both at your disposal means you can increase or decrease the intensity of the effect while blending in as much dry signal as you want, resulting in a wonderful array of tones and textures to explore.

The Tweak control changes a different parameter in each mode and opens things up even more. In the case of the Waveland’s tremolo section, you can change the wave shape from a smooth sine to a pulsing square wave. In the Chorus mode, you can go from a vintage sounding single-voice chorus, all the way up to dual, quad and even an eight-voice tone that drips with all the lushness of the ‘80s. Or, if a ‘70s style phase tone is more your speed, you can use the Tweak knob to adjust the feedback for increasingly vocal tones that sound awesome with some gain going.

Ramp Up The Fun

Arguably the best thing about the Waveland is its secondary Rate/Ramp switch. This clever implementation delivers four unique types of two-speed flexibility.

First up is a straight-up A/B speed toggle. Set the Speed knob at your first desired setting, then tap the switch and reposition the speed control for speed two. (The LED switches back and forth from green to red to indicate which speed you’re on.)

The remaining three modes feature different ramping speeds that range from very fast to very slow and are selectable by holding down the Ramp switch and paying attention to the LED blinks.
If you’ve never experienced ramping before—there’s a good chance that it’ll be your favorite new performance feature in no time. And if you have, well, then you already know how awesome it is and will absolutely love how easy it is to dial in on the Waveland.

Great Tones. Doing Good.

To date, Alexander Pedals has donated more than $3,000 to St. Jude’s Children's Hospital in honor of founder Matthew Farrow’s younger brother, Alexander. Alexander Farrow died at the age of seven as the result of a form of cancer called neuroblastoma, so Alexander Pedals celebrates his legacy by donating five dollars from every pedal purchased in hopes of one day bringing childhood cancer to an end.

What We Like: I have a penchant for stompboxes that can be used in more than one way. And as far as modulation goes, a flexible option like the Waveland is a huge win. Awesome sounds with a wide range of tone-shaping options in a pedalboard-friendly package that also offers soft-touch bypass switching? Sign me up!

Concerns: I've said this before, but pedals this size with more than one footswitch can be somewhat problematic on a packed pedalboard. Just make sure you have enough room (or accurate enough toes) to get to the secondary ramping switch. It may well be the best thing on the pedal and you're going to want to use it.

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