Anthology Revelator Guitar Case, Bi-Fold Pick Wallet, Slide Holder, and Guitar Strap

  • By David A. Evans @tonereport
  • November 24, 2015

Let’s face it: most guitar accessories haven’t been designed with both style in mind. As for piecing together an ensemble—forget about it! Fortunately, Anthology Gear Wear aims to change this situation with its “Revelator” guitar case and line of matching leather accessories. The Revelator elevates the humble, soft-shell case to the dignity of a designer, full-grain leather jacket, and, like a good biker jacket, Anthology’s case, its wallet, its slide holder, and its guitar strap will stand up to the worst “road rash” that life can offer.

The Revelator might appear to be a pure expression of style, but make no mistake, it’s also made to take a beating. Full-grain leather covers the sides and body, while the foam-core sidewalls are surprisingly rigid. The hardware, particularly the zippers and buckles, is heavy and thick. In testing, the Revelator felt as if it would easily handle the various squeezes and crushing forces life might have in store for it. The front and back pieces are pliable enough to absorb the shock of a sudden impact while maintaining their form. Moreover, the case’s leather is tough enough that it won’t perforate without the use of a military-grade knife.

Inside, the Revelator offers about eight centimeters of depth for its contents. A Stratocaster fit quite easily into the main, suede-lined chamber. A sturdy leather strap can be wrapped around the guitar’s neck and fixed with velcro in order to prevent the instrument from sliding inside the case. One notable feature that the case lacked was an interior pocket. However, the case features three spacious external pockets in which notebooks, tuners, and cords would easily fit.

Among the items that one could fit in the pockets is Anthology’s bi-fold musician’s wallet. The wallet features four pockets for credit cards, a fold-out ID card flap, two “hidden” pockets, and three guitar pick pockets that are located beneath the ID card flap. (One wonders if Anthology’s designers intended to maximize the number of opportunities a person could, while showing his ID, “accidentally” reveal to an attractive cashier that he’s a musician.) Anthology thoughtfully lined the main chamber with ultra-soft, smooth leather so that one’s currency isn’t bruised. Unfortunately, the main pocket is just a bit too short for larger-denomination Euro notes, so the wallet’s really best-suited for good, old greenbacks.

In addition to the wallet, Anthology manufactures a slide holder and guitar straps. The folks at Anthology were thoughtful about the slide holder’s design, because its large magnetic clasp will grab onto a guitar strap, a belt, or perhaps even a pocket without trouble. The two rounded pieces of leather that hold the slide attach to each other with sturdy velcro and are easily adjustable. In fact, the slide holder will easily double as a harmonica holder or a mini booze bottle holder. A cleverly-positioned third strap prevents the contents from sliding out and to the floor, which, in this writer’s mind, makes the holder all the more appropriate for holding mini-bottles. Finally, Anthology’s Blackwood guitar strap pairs perfectly with the slide holder, the case, and the wallet. The strap features a thick, durable, full-grain leather body with a comfortable shoulder pad, on top of which is a unique and subtle layering and stitching pattern. It’s a strap that’s likely to stand up to years of use.

What We Like: Like the Wallet, the Slide Holder, and the Guitar Strap, the Revelator’s style is subdued enough for casual or classy gigs. It could just as easily fit in at a roadhouse gig or in a lawyer’s office.

Concerns: Wallet’s main pocket not tall enough for larger-denomination Euro notes.

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