Black Cat Wee Buzz


The Black Cat Wee Buzz is a streamlined version of the Bee Buzz which is Black Cat’s take on the classic Roland Bee Baa. It packs controls for just Tone and Volume and a switch for selecting between “Bee” and “Buzz.”

The Bee mode is a classic “hornets in a tin can” kind of fuzz. It’s perfect for spaghetti western and biker movie tones. It had me busting out all of the Jesus and Mary Chain songs I learned back in high school. With the Tone knob up beyond three o’clock, it’s perfect for those wailing, ear-splitting Psychocandy tones. In this setting, switching to the neck pickup and rolling off the tone on your guitar allows for subtle octave up sounds.

Switching to the Buzz mode brings about a drastic change and produces a tone that is thick and rich. In Buzz mode, the Wee Buzz packs as much, if not more, low-end than a Big Muff. In this setting the Wee Buzz was great for big leads and even some Siamese Dream tones. It also works surprising well for bass.  

What we like: The Wee Buzz can go from dentist drill highs to jackhammer lows with the flick of a switch. It doesn’t clean up like a Fuzz Face, but it does respond texturally to changes in your picking dynamics and volume control.

Concerns: It’s not the most versatile fuzz around. Without the ability to adjust the gain of the fuzz, you get a really high-gain fuzz tone in either setting.

Build quality: The Wee Buzz is hand-wired and made in the USA. Opening up the pedal and peeking inside shows a well laid-out and cleanly soldered board with high quality parts. The iridescent black paint job is really cool.

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