BNNT - _ _

  • By Jamie Wolfert @tonereport
  • December 19, 2013

This week's subscriber-submitted album comes from Polish sonic terrorists BNNT. Their record is called _ _ , and it's a challenging piece of work that blends punk and noise rock influences with outright noise and sound collage elements. Despite this duo's chaotic bent, there are some surprising moments of genuine beauty on _ _, as well as a non-stop barrage of menacing grooves that will drill their way into your brain.

BNNT revolves mostly around the duo of Konrad Smolenski on “baritone missile” and Daniel Szwed on drums. According to Smolenski the baritone missile is a fretless, four-string, missile-shaped instrument with stereo outputs, allowing him to use two amplifiers simultaneously. He mangles the tone with a variety of fuzz pedals from Death By Audio and Devi Ever. Listening to BNNT reveals the baritone missile to be as much a member of the band as Smolenski and Szwed, with its range and distinctive voice both limiting and defining the band. A jam as primitive and gnarly as “The armistice ended the first Chechen War” requires a very special instrument, indeed.

_ _ is chock full of bludgeoning, paleolithic beats, fuzz freakouts, damaged film samples, and waves of cathartic noise. What may really catch you off guard, though, are the intoxicating melodic interludes, like in “Operation Diesel_ British troops have taken Afghan heroin factory”. Macio Moretti's vibe playing on this song really takes it to another level. “Joseph Kony, a former Catholic altar boy from northern Uganda” begins with a subdued, hypnotic groove and chant-like vocals bathed in a wash of ambient noise...that is, until things get ugly. Things always get ugly.

BNNT's _ _ is not to be overlooked if your tastes in rock lean towards the abrasive and confrontational. Bands like Boredoms, Shellac, and Lightning Bolt are obvious touchstones. A look at BNNT's Facebook page reveals that they are also keen on guerilla gigs and performing in unconventional spaces, like the back of a truck, for instance. If you're in a position to see these guys live, don't miss out. In fact, if you live in Poland you may end up seeing them live whether you want to or not! _ _ can be experienced and purchased at BNNT's Bandcamp page. Do it.

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