Digitech CabDryVR

  • By David A. Evans @tonereport
  • February 21, 2017


Where to, pal? Uptown? Sure thing. (Turns on meter.) How’s it going? I see you’ve got a—what’s that—a guitar right there? Huh, I’m a musician myself. Well, part time. Never did make it professional, full time or nothing like that. Problem was, back in the old days, back before digital modeling, a fella had to haul around a whole lotta gear if he was thinkin’ of gettin’ all sorts of tones. Say he wanted that big bass delivery of a 4x12 cab, or the punch of a smaller 2x12. These days, people’ll practically drop their jaws when they hear stories about hauling around those monsters. And if you’re a touring musician, forget about it! Folks these days have it so easy. For instance, all they have to do is pick up DigiTech’s new CabDryVR pedal.

Okay, okay, I know you’re asking yourself, “just what the heck—a cab what?” And you’re probably scratching your head and thinking I’m full of baloney. But guess what! You’re in this cab and I’m driving it, so why don’t you just sit back and listen?

Okay, so this CabDryVR might have a confusing name, but once you get past that, you’ll find a powerful way to ditch those heavy speaker cabinets that you’ve been foolishly hauling around for so many years. And guess what! You can play bass or guitar, it doesn’t even matter, because this pedal has a little switch up top to change the type of cab. Me, I get only this cab. I get in it at the beginning of the night and I’m here ’til I’m done. But with this pedal, I mean, it’s a crazy selection. It’s so many cabs a guy might lose his head.

For instance, just for guitar cabinets, the pedal features vintage American, British, and custom numbers. Say you wanna hear your signal through a vintage American 2x12 cabinet. Run your cable into the A input and run your output A cable to your DAW or your mixer, and set your Cab Type knob to C1. And that’s it! You’ve got yourself playing through a nice, mellow cab in the American style and you’re thinking, “man, I wonder how big this cab is.” And you know what? You can change the size of your virtual cab with the spin of a knob. The bigger the cab, the lighter and more airy the tone is. But if you want a darker tone, heavier on the lows and mids, spin that Size knob down to 7:00, and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Anyway, don’t let me run my mouth. But like I was saying, the CabDryVR actually has two inputs and outputs. I think the idea is that a guy can play through more than one cabinet at a time, just like the pros. Say you want that 2x12 on the left channel and the “Smooth Custom” 4x12 on the right channel. You could be a sucker and haul around the real deal, or you could get with the program and run your signal into Input A of the CabDryVR. Then, Outputs A and B will carry your cab-simulated signal to wherever you want. Or, say you’ve got a buddy who forgot his cab, or who figured that he could bum the CabDryVR off you. No need to get all angry, because he can run his guitar through the B input while you run yours through the A input. And guess what! He can choose his own cab and you can have your own cab. It’s like they’re working in harmony or something.

Ah, this lousy traffic. I can see you’re a smart fella. Oh, okay, you want me to stop here? Really? Up here? I mean, we’re not even halfway to uptown, and this is kinda a lousy neighborhood if you ask me. Someone might steal that guitar there. Okay, then, suit yourself. That’ll be $4.50. Oh, and remember that CabDryVR, okay? It’ll save you a lot of hassle.

What We Like: Accurate, easy-to-use cabinet simulation, and no more hauling around heavy cabinets.

Concerns: Where is the amp simulator?

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