Earthquaker Devices Terminal

  • By Dennis Kayzer @tonereport
  • February 18, 2014

The Terminal, from Earthquaker Devices, is a fuzz pedal that sounds like destruction in its purest form. If you ever wanted to enrich your guitar signal with layers of thick-dripping fuzz, this could be the right pedal for you.


The Terminal is modeled after an old JAX Fuzz from Earthquaker Devices owner, Jamie Stillman´s, personal collection. For those of you not familiar with the history of fuzz pedals, the JAX Fuzz is a re-branded, though discontinued, Shin Ei Companion Fuzz that’s well known for its raw and distinctive fuzz sounds. Unlike the original two knobs for Volume and Fuzz, the Terminal comes equipped with four knobs to help shape your personal soundtrack of the apocalypse.


The Voice knob controls the mid-range, shaping it from a dark and throaty compressed tone to a more cutting and aggressive sound. Treble does not change the complete tone in terms of brightness, but merely affects the top end. Therefore, your signal always maintains a full-bodied fuzz.

This little box has tons of volume on tap and gets insanely loud once you push the volume knob beyond 12 o´clock. The Terminal unlocks a nearly endless amount of fuzz. Believe it or not, the lowest setting is actually where normal fuzz pedals have already reached their maximum. With the Fuzz knob turned fully clockwise, your guitar screams destruction. Double stop-bends collide in an evil mess of challenging octaves, with single notes seeming to sustain until the end of the world as we know it.


Like all Earthquake Devices, the Terminal is housed in a compact enclosure. It´s built to last, comes equipped with true bypass, and is easy to power with 9V DC.


What we like

-        Insane amount of fuzz and volume

-        Full-bodied sound

-        Great sustain

-        Takes a vintage classic to the next level

-        Compact size

-        Pedalboard-friendly 9V DC powering



-        Your neighbors might complain once you start rocking with the Terminal!


Build Quality

-        The Pedal appears solid and professionally made. The screen-printing is applied without any flaws. Finally, I’ve never had any problems with pedals from the Earthquaker Devices collection.



-        The price tag is perfect for a handmade boutique pedal that sounds so huge and massive.


Rating 4/5


Tone 4.5/5

Build Quality 5/5

Value 3.5/5

TR Rating 4/5

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