MojoHandFX DewDrop Reverb

  • By Phillip Dodge @tonereport
  • February 25, 2014

The Dewdrop is MojoHand FX’s new spring reverb pedal. With controls for Dwell, Mix, and Tone, the Dewdrop is outstanding for adding classic Fender-style reverb to your signal chain.

The mix knob controls the blend between your dry signal and the effected signal. Dwell affects the decay of the reverb. Turning it up “increases the size of the reverb chamber.” The tone knob on the Dewdrop affects only the reverb tone, not your dry signal. It's great for adjusting the color of the reverb and to keep really deep reverb from getting harsh or being too in your face.


I imagine most players will use the Dewdrop for classic Fender-style reverb sounds. And it’s certainly great for getting those sounds in a small and affordable package. But some of my favorite sounds came from cranking up the Dwell knob. As you start to crank the Dwell setting, you also get more pre-delay which makes for outstanding 50's rock and rockabilly sounds. Also as you crank it, a touch of modulation is added which creates a beautiful chorusing sound. There's something about it that reminds me of the Edge's reverb sounds from The Unforgettable Fire.


The Dewdrop will also provide hours of fun for ambient guitarists. I normally run an EHX POG and Superego for faux organ and synth sounds. At band practice a few weeks ago, I was running a skeleton rig with just the Dewdrop, DMBL, and the Mad Professor Amber. My band mate brought in a new song that really wanted an organ type sound. In a pinch, I cranked the mix and dwell on the Dewdrop, and had a very cool swell effect. Not an organ tone, but certainly not just a guitar with spring reverb – super cool.


What We Like: For a three knob pedal, the Dewdrop offers a surprising range of reverb tones. You can go from subtle ambiance, to Dick Dale approved surf tones, and up to wilder more experimental reverb sounds. The Dewdrop is extremely versatile and there isn’t a bad sound in it.


Concerns: None.


Build Quality: The Dewdrop is well built, features Neutrik jacks, and seems ready to handle life on the road.

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