Moog Minifooger MF Delay

  • By Ian Garrett @tonereport
  • August 18, 2014

Moog has always been synonymous with high quality, high featured, high cost analog pedals with unique wood side panels that visually set them apart from everything else out there. The new Minifooger (MF) line is a significant departure then for Moog—smaller designs with no distinctive wood panels, less features, and a lower price tag that make owning a Moog pedal affordable for us mere mortals.

The MF Delay is still an analog delay like the more expensive MF-104, and is still hand assembled in Asheville, NC—yet it costs about a fraction of the price. It features four bucket brigade chips that deliver a range of 35–700 milliseconds of delay time. The four knobs on top include Mix, Feedback and Time as well as a Drive control that adds a little extra grit to your tone. On the back of the pedal are the standard input and output jacks, and a single expression pedal input that controls either the amount of repeats or the delay time. This helps add some cool effects like swells or almost a chorus or flange—important to note, because there is no separate modulation on the pedal.

While I liked the tone of the MF Delay, I didn’t find it all that special or unique. Plus you get some added white noise from being an analog delay, but it sits nicely in the mix—it’s easy to dial back the amount of delay you add to your signal or make it more present, and it works great with dirt pedals adding some nice additional ambience. Shorter delay times give you a brighter slap back effect, and longer delay times get fairly dark and murky. This can present a great feeling when used with fuzz or distortion, adding a subtle amount of extra texture to your tone. Using an expression pedal gives a little more versatility and I would recommend it. Although it’s missing the signature wood side panels, the MF Delay is a lot more pedalboard friendly when it comes to space. If you aren’t a huge delay user requiring lots of features, the MF Delay might fit your needs perfectly.

When you factor in adding an expression pedal, the Minifooger is not inexpensive, but if you really want a good basic analog delay this one is certainly worth a look, and a nice entry into the world of Moog.

What we like: Everything feels well made, high quality components are used throughout and the bypass switch was very solid, no complaints at all here.

Concerns: Nothing really stood out as a negative for me. I’ll confess that I prefer digital delays over analog, though. The simplicity of the MF Delay is nice, but you get that one tone and that’s it—which, is all some will ever need. But digital delays have gotten so much better at emulating a variety of different delays in one box, including analog, that I found myself quickly feeling fairly limited.

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  1. Rich Veeck

    I hate digital delays and it is great to see a great analog delay with drive! This is awesome because it can be used in an effects loop for a gain/volume boost and delay. Never understood what people like about clinical sounding digital delays!