Randall RG13 Amp Modeler

Surrender your soul to the RG13.  The Randal RG13 pairs a seeming never ending supply of gain with some great tone shaping and extra functionality. If you are looking for a brutal lead tone or a crushing rhythm sound, the RG13 is sure as hell going to get you there. 

Functionality wise, the Randall RG13 loads up on the extras.  On top of 3 switchable gain channels, you get a boost / loop function. Add a 1 watt output to plug straight into a 4x12 cab, an FX loop, headphone out and XLR out, and you have a very versatile distortion box.  From home use, practice, studio to stage, this guy has your covered.


Randall’s foray into the pedal world seems like nothing less than a smash hit for any player inclined to purchase a Randall product.  They stray from the popular “boutique” angle, instead opting to create a mean, ballsy pedal worthy of flying the Randall flag.  The subtly of most gain & overdrive pedals has been stripped.  This goes for looks as well as tone - black body, black knobs, and X’s silk-screened over the settings.  You end up with a little monster that is lean, mean, and ready to fight.


What we like

Insane levels of gain on tap.  If you are playing any sort of heavy music, this is going to be a must have on your pedal board. The RG13 has lots of tone shaping controls to get the sound you’re looking for, as well as multiple channels for boost, clean and lead.  I can see it being very useful for a live playing setting.



No independent EQ controls for each channel - This could be a plus or a minus for some people.  When you make changes to the “Clean” setting, it effects all 3 of the channels on the RG13.  It will keep your tone consistent, but if you are looking for 3 distinct tones to switch between, you might run into some issues.

In general, if clean tones are something you are looking for, this probably isn’t the pedal for you.  When you buy this, you are punching a one way ticket on the gain train.




It certainly gets the job done.  You can’t fault this thing for it’s sound or the multitude of options for shaping your tone. It loses one star due to a lack of flexibility. At the price point, I would like a way to either save preset tones or have more control over the individual channel sounds.


Build quality 

I would have no problem taking this to shows and playing it for quite a long time.  Very solid metal construction, great feeling switches - this thing was made to rock and I can see it holding up to years of use and abuse.



In a crowded section of the market, There are a lot of modeling pedals and multi effects that this is competing with - While I strongly believe there are many players where this is going to be the correct choice, there are going to be just as many who want to check out some of the other options and find a multi-effect with more flexibility, or a solid state modeling amp that will get you to very similar gain territory.

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  1. fredde

    Its not a Modeler

  2. Meifta

    I have an original TS808 that I purheascd back in the early 80 s that I assumed got pitched because it quit working.  My brother told me he still has it.  I just hope it can be fixed.  PS it is almost in new condition because it wasn’t used much.  At the time I had a Twin Reverb (back in the 80s too) that took the paint off the walls when I plug the 808 in and dimed the amp.  At the time I had no idea what I owned.  Sold the Twin Reverb for $50 bucks and a Gorilla practice Amp. Ok so you can let me have it now!  Hey at least I still have the 808!