Temple of the Smoke - The Lost Art of Twilight

  • By Jamie Wolfert @tonereport
  • December 19, 2013

Temple of the Smoke are a formidable 4-piece psych-rock juggernaut out of Belgrade, Serbia, specializing in epic, eclectic instrumentals that transcend genre and stylistic pigeonholes. They kindly provided us with a link to their Soundcloud page, which features 4 songs from their upcoming record, The Lost Art of Twilight.

The more obvious references for Temple of the Smoke would be early psych/prog/kraut bands like Hawkwind, the Floyd, and Can, with more than a few nods to dub, classic metal, and doom. As disjointed as that description may sound, Temple of the Smoke manage to, more often than not, fuse these wide-ranging influences into a very cohesive and powerful whole. Songs like “Street of Shifting Signs” flow from psych shuffle, to dub, to guitar-driven space-rock in such a seamless way that you hardly take notice of the genre transitions, thanks in large part to a hard-grooving, wire-tight rhythm section and some occasionally brilliant sonic layering. The only time Temple of the Smoke's genre-hopping lost me was towards the end of  “Out, Into The Crimson Night!”. Some listeners may feel differently about this one, but I found it to be a little too “Eye Of The Tiger” for my tastes. Oh well, some people dig that sort of thing...

Temple of the Smoke certainly have their own thing going on, having digested and integrated their influences in a way that few bands are able to do. You know where they're coming from, but not where they're going, if ya' know what I mean. Fans of vintage psychedelic and krautrock should check these dudes out promptly, which you can do by  internetting your way on over to their Soundcloud page.

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