Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 and CS12

  • By Phillip Dodge @tonereport
  • October 01, 2015


Clean Machine

For many years, I used a single switching power supply and daisy chained all of my pedals. It provided enough milliamps for all of my pedals and I never had trouble with noise. Then one day my band played a venue with what can only be described as “suspect electrical wiring.” I’ve never heard so much hum, buzz, and high-pitched whining in my life. I suddenly understood why people were willing to pay $150 and more for a power supply with isolated taps. I immediately bought a well-known and well-loved power supply and it has been serving my needs for a few years now.

I recently had the pleasure of exploring the new Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12 and CS7. I’m happy to say that both take everything I love about my current power supply and add a few features I’ve always dreamed of.

The CS7 features seven isolated outlets. One at 18V DC and 100mA, four that are individually switchable between 9-12V DC and operate at 200mA, and two at 9v and 500mA.

The CS12 features twelve isolated outlets. Two at 18V DC and 100mA, five that are individually switchable between 9-12V DC and operate at 100mA each, two at 9V DC and 250mA, two at 9V DC and 500mA, and one at (wait for it) 9V AC and 800mA! That’s right, that last one is perfect for powering a Line 6 M9. No more mounting that big, unwieldy brick of a power supply under your board and using your “courtesy outlet.” It’s a small thing, but the Line 6 power supply has long been the bane of my pedalboard existence. Having a power supply that can power it directly is a pretty great thing.

These power supplies can even handle your high-end digital pedals. Outputs eight to 11 on the CS12 and six and seven on the CS7 provide enough juice (milliamps for you technical folks) to support power-hungry Strymon and Eventide pedals. Heck, I was even able to power my TC Helicon Mic Mechanic off of one of the 9-12V DC outputs of the CS12. That pedal requires 400mA, but that’s only for a burst at start up. Somehow, the CS12 was able to provide enough juice to get the Mic Mechanic started and keep it running like a champ.
The M9 and the Mic Mechanic were the two “difficult” to power effects on my board and the CS12 managed to power them perfectly. It even offers an output that can be dialed as low as 4V DC. I used that one to power my Fulltone ’69 MKII at about 8-8.5V DC.

I found both the CS7 and the CS12 to be extremely quiet. To test things further, I daisy chained a few pedals including one notoriously noisy pedal that’s never happy sharing a power supply. Typically, when this pedal is run on a shared supply, it creates an irritating high-pitched whine. It doesn’t do this on either the CS7 or the CS12.

Both the CS7 and the CS12 come with brackets for mounting directly under a Pedaltrain pedalboard. I didn’t have the chance to try them with other boards, but I’m sure they would fit nicely. Both look great and feel well made. And they come with more than enough cables and converters for connecting a wide range of effects. The fact that they offer switchable, “worldwide” input voltage is just icing on the cake. Unless you’re world touring musician. In that case, this feature is what you’ve been waiting for.

What We Like: Every. Last. Feature. I need!

Concerns: None.

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  1. Zachary

    It’s able to power the Mic Mechanic because the outputs can actually provide more than they advertise. Just like the original 1 spot the Pro units use digital switching. That means that all of the power outputs are pulling from the same maximum amperage available. As longs as the other outputs are not being pushed to the max, you can pull some from their potential for larger power needs on a single output. The company owner explained this in his launch video.

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  3. Scott

    I’m having trouble powering an Eventide H9 Max.  It’s 12v but seems to be the only pedal having issues?  Any suggestions?

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