Weber Speakers 12F150

  • By Gavin Wahl-Stephens @tonereport
  • August 27, 2015

If you gig regularly, chances are you have come across a Fender amp or something similar loaded with Weber speakers—especially if avid tone chasers are your kind of people. If you have yet to hear this point, take heed; your speaker choice will make or break your tone. Ted Weber undoubtedly knew this to be true and dedicated his time and expertise to making his speakers true testaments to this idea.

Ted was known for spending much of his time as a resource for his customers, and that legacy continues with Weber’s website. It features extensive resources for increasing your vocabulary and knowledge about speakers. The glossary of terms section is a must for those throwing out descriptors like “flabby” and “farty” or technical terms like T/S parameters and gap energy. Ted Weber’s expertise, dedication, and vision has solidified the company’s place as a worldwide leader in the loudspeaker market.

Returning to the Fender and Weber pairing, I recently loaded up my Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb reissue with the Weber Vintage Series 12F150—the one recommended to replace the stock speaker in the Deluxe Reverb. The one I am reviewing is 12 inches, 50 watts, eight ohms and with light doping. This is a great place to start for those who want to push their amp with pedals, get smooth consistent overdrive and avoid cone cry or other unpleasant frequency clashes. I tested with two guitars, a Fender Telecaster with D. Allen Hot Vintage single coils and a Heritage H140cm with D. Allen P51 humbuckers.

I dug this speaker from the first strum on my Tele. Everything that makes the Fender clean sound so iconic and pleasing is present with the Weber; an excellent bright, bold and present voice rings out with great low-end punch. The Weber 12F150 lacks nothing in the way of iconic Fender tone. I was very happy to find that pushing the treble maintains sweet bell-like tones— bright, but not harsh or thin. With my DRRI, I can push the treble past the point of sweetness with most speakers and the Weber was no different. This sweetness can turn aggressive if needed, and it’s a good thing to have plenty of brightness on tap because it makes the speaker work for a variety of pickups and amps, from super dark to extremely bright. Finding the sweet spot with the Telecaster allows me to dig into the bridge position without reservation or concern for hearing loss. As a Tele lover, that ability is essential and therefore a requirement in a speaker.

I am most impressed with the way the Weber reacts with humbuckers, as I find they have a way of flushing out gear flaws. There is an exceptional balance in levels across the fingerboard and great string clarity, with all frequencies in their correct places. Pushing the speaker with an overdrive yields a thick and singing midrange without washing out the lows or highs. Even when the amp compresses either with an overdrive or by turning up the output, the low end still had a thump that I could feel in my chest.

What We Like: No matter the guitar choice, I find the Weber has great tonal balance that never overwhelms my ears with either highs or lows. It allows my personal tone tweaks and pedal board choices to coexist and work together. This would be a great speaker for brightening up any dark amp, or refining an already bright amp, but it’s ideally suited for a Fender.

Concerns: None. Just tune the treble to taste.


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  1. Benny jonsson

    Hello.How mutch for 12f/150 Weber

  2. Ben C.

    +1 on the Weber 12F150, got one on my Fender Blues Jr III and it is a totally different amp with the Weber in it.

    TA Weber and his team are very professional to deal with, very knowledgeable with their craft.

  3. Guy Anderson

    I have a 1964 fender bassman amp. I use the normal channel. Would a higher than 50 watt
    speaker improve sound and volume ? I don’t use pedals and like a clean fender sound. I currently
    have celestions but they sound a little dark but
    Don’t want too much high end bite either. What
    Do you suggest ?

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